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Disaster In The Universe is a six piece live band - based on a songwriting and production duo - and they have played on all the biggest music festivals in Norway, including Øya, Hove, Slottsfjell and By:Larm. They received ”10/10!” for their by:Larm concert, and Ross Allen (Island Records UK) and Flora Wong (Dazed Digital) rated Disaster In The Universe as the best concert they saw at the entire Øya Festival! After working with star-producer Peter Mayes (Empire Of The Sun, The Killers, Sia) on the debut album, and playing support for Crystal Fighters, the band is now really entering the European music scene.


Disaster In The Universe’s single «Beach House», a catchy, feelgood indie-funk tune, has been a massive summer-hit in Norway, being A-listed for months and streamed more than a million times on Spotify. On May 1st «Beach House» was released in Germany, Switzerland and Austria (popup-records), and has already been played at more than 30 radio stations in these countries! On June 19th the second single ”Jaws Shut Like Closing Doors” will be released, followed by the debut album «Coconut Message» on July 17th. ”Yugen (Telling Me All)” will be released as the third single in GSA autumn 2015.




”These guys played one of the best concerts

Team Poule ever attended a couple weeks ago.

Everything. It’s dreamy perfection.”
- Poule d’Or (Hamburg, Germany).


”The album is occasionally shocking amazing!”

”Mightier and better than the last attempt by MGMT!”

- VG, Norway (Norways largest newspaper) 





June/July 2015 Disaster In The Universe will play the following dates in Germany:


June 27th:
Hamburg - altonale Pop Nacht Festival


June 29th:

Berlin - ://about blank


July 1st:
Nürnberg - MUZ - Musikzentrale Nürnberg


July 3rd:
Stuttgart - Marienplatzfest Festival (headline slot)



The band is already booked for a second Germany-tour in November 2015, that will include a concert at Schlachthof, Wiesbaden, together with WANDA - 2.000 people expected!

This November tour will also include concerts in Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands and Spain. 





In Spain, Mexico and South-America Disaster In The Universe has a booking agreement with Menos Que Cero.

July 2015 Disaster is playing at festivals in both Madrid and Barcelona - in front of more than 15.000 people!

”Beach House” has been chosen to be the official festival-song for both of the festivals, which includes several months of Spanish radio promo. The band is now negotiating with spanish record companies (including Universal Music Spain) and the first releases in these territories are expected to take place this autumn.

Disaster In The Universe will also be released in Japan in autumn 2015. 


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